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Cocker available for STUD

Buster is now available for stud.
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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

A well known gun dog trainer once said,

"Springer Spaniels are Spaniels......But Cocker Spaniels are little people...."


Buster is a Black and White Cocker Spaniel (Pictured on the header of these pages. Both parents are working cockers, the dam for the Game Keeper at Chumleigh Manor where I go beating on shoot days.

Buster is not your typical cocker, though he will take his dummy and try and hide it in a bush or the undergrowth somewhere, which is a typical cocker spaniel trait. He has very long legs for a cocker and has often been mistaken for a Springer Spaniel.

Buster has company now in the shape of another cocker. Her name is Poppy and she is much smaller than Buster. She came from Tawnyhill gun dogs run by Tony Price. She is about a year old now and full of life and has great fun playing with Buster.

I will eventually mate Buster with her after her 1st season working. I hope we have some great pups, but time will tell. The pedigree is very good on both sides and Buster being as bold as he is may produce some interesting pups.

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Cocker Available for STUD

Buster (Shakey Jakes Boy) 34 FTCH (Field Trail Champions) in Pedigree
Full 5 Generation Kennel Club Pedigree Certification PDF here


For further information please contact Colin Arthurs on 07793 628234